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Privacy Statement

Our Privacy Statement explains to people who interact with the School how we deal with their personal information. Please note, our Privacy Policy sets the rules for us when managing personal information at the School and be can found here

This privacy statement explains how the School manages the personal information we hold about students, parents, families, volunteers and other people within our school community so that we can meet our mission of educating our students to the highest level possible so that they are well equipped for an outstanding future.

We may update this privacy statement from time to time. This privacy notice was last updated in February 2021.

Types of personal information collected

The School collects a wide range of personal information about students, parents/guardians, families, employees or prospective employees, contractors and prospective contractors, volunteers, visitors and other people within the School community.

The types of personal information that the School collects and holds depends on the circumstances of collection and the relationship with the individual that the information is about.  For students, the School collects and stores personal information including name, age, contact details, academic records and history, and may also collect more sensitive information (such as information about a student's health, racial or ethnic origin).  

For people who deal with the School in some other capacity (for example, as a staff member, parent or guardian, volunteer, contractor or visitor), the School will usually collect general information such as the relevant individual's name, contact details, as well as any other information they choose to provide to the School and/or that is relevant to their relationship with the School.

Collection and storage of personal information

The information collected by the School about students, parents/guardians and families may be collected before, during or after the student is enrolled at the School.  The primary purpose of collecting the information is to enable the School to provide schooling and educational services for the student or prospective student.

Information about students and their parents may be collected in several ways including:

  • Directly from students and parents by telephone, in enrolment, EOTC (Education Outside the Classroom), medical forms or in person;
  • From other parties (such as medical practitioners or other schools); and
  • From publicly available sources.

The information the School collects about job applicants and employees/contractors may be collected in a number of ways including:

  • Directly from job applicants and employees during the recruitment phase and during the course of employment;
  • From other parties (such as job applicant’s referees, or in respect of teacher registration/vetting); and
  • From publicly available sources.

Pinehurst has CCTV cameras that are in place for safety and security purposes.  Accordingly, information may also be collected in relation to anyone that comes into contact with the School, through the use of those CCTV cameras installed on school premises. Click here to read the full Pinehurst School - CCTV Privacy Notice.

Use and disclosure of information

The School collects personal information so it can use and share it for a range of purposes to enable it to fulfil the primary purpose of providing schooling and educational services for its students, including to:

  • Manage relationships, safety and welfare with students and parents;
  • Consider job applicants for current and future employment;
  • To tell people about the School through marketing and school publications (for example, on our website and social media).

The School only uses and shares personal information for the purposes for which the information was collected or for other lawful and permitted purposes. 

Use of information

The School may use personal information collected about students (including alumni) and parents for the following purposes:

  • Providing schooling for its students;
  • To communicate with parents in relation to their child/children’s schooling;
  • Day-to-day administration;
  • Looking after the students’ educational, social and medical well-being and safety;
  • Communicating to the wider school community and wider public (including marketing);
  • To satisfy legal obligations; and
  • For any other lawful purposes.

The School may use personal information collected about prospective employees, employees and contractors for the following purposes:

  • To assess whether an individual is suitable for employment or work, including child-connected work;
  • Administering the individual's employment or contract;
  • To ensure that information the School has collected is accurate and up-to-date;
  • Internal accounting and administration;
  • Insurance;
  • For reporting to educational and Government authorities;
  • To satisfy legal obligations including with respect to child safety and child abuse; and
  • For any other lawful purposes.

Disclosure of information

The School may lawfully disclose personal information for administrative and educational purposes and to ensure child safety.  This may include disclosing information to:

  • Other schools;
  • Government departments or authorities;
  • People providing services to the School;
  • Parents/guardians; and
  • Anyone else to whom the School is lawfully authorised to disclose information. 

Keeping information secure

We will take care to protect the personal information we hold from unauthorised access, disclosure, loss or misuse, using reasonable and appropriate technical and organisational security measures.  We will not retain personal information longer than we need it for our lawful purposes, and will dispose of it securely and permanently when we no longer need it.

Access to information

All individuals have the right under the Privacy Act 2020 to request a copy of, or the correction of, the personal information the School holds about them.  Parents or guardians can generally request a copy of personal information about their child, on the basis that they are acting as their child’s representative. Requests for access to or correction of personal information should be sent to the Executive Principal using the details set out below.

Enquiries and Complaints

If you have any concerns, questions or complaints about the way the School handles personal information, please do not hesitate to let us know by contacting the Executive Principal using the following details: 

Email:   [email protected] or Phone: + 64 9 4140960

Mail:    Pinehurst School, PO Box 302-308, North Harbour, Auckland 0751