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When our school was first established, its founders were clear that they wanted a Pinehurst education to be available to as many people as possible. Our fees are kept as low as possible to allow that original vision to be maintained, but we know that, even so, some families are not able to send their children to us because of the cost of a Pinehurst education.

The Pinehurst Scholarship was established in order to ensure that all families had a way to send their children to our school. The Scholarship will pay for all tuition fees for up to 25 students, though we sometimes offer half Scholarships to enable us to offer support to more young people. It is a Financial Assistance Scholarship, which means that every applicant has to meet our financial criteria and to complete the form available on this page. It is generally available to Year 7-13 students, though we may consider applications for Years 1-6 in exceptional circumstances. 

If you would like to apply for a Pinehurst Scholarship, please complete the application form and the financial declaration form.

The deadline to receive applications for 2019 is June 29th 2018, and we will interview applicants and their parents in the first week of July.

We are also keen to answer any questions you may have about the Scholarship, so please feel free to ask Stephanie Todd, at or by phone at 09 414 0960.

Open Day

College - Tuesday 23 October 2018
Primary - Wednesday 24 October 2018

Come see for yourself how we can prepare your child to take their place in a global world.