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Our Student Leaders

Pinehurst offers many opportunities for leadership, personal growth and development.

Our Senior Leaders are an important part of the school community, they motivate and encourage their younger peers to be the best they can be, provide a sense of safety, support and unity and as role models, uphold the highest standards at all times.


Introducing the 2024 Pinehurst School Leadership team:

Head Prefect

Dylan M

Head Prefect

Natalie R

Deputy Head Prefect

Gloria K

Deputy Head Prefect

Christian P


Mataī House Captains

Amelie Wells, Charlotte Clarke

Tōtara House Captains

Lingyao Qu, Austin Wu

Kauri House Captains

Jasmine Lyles, Alex Hardy

Rimu House Captains

Jordan Wong, Katherine Geertshuis

Arts Council

Katie Zhang, Seina Murakami

Sports Council

Chase Templeton, Yumin Kim

Student Council

Amy Jang, Benen Sitarachiyanon, Maisie Mendonca

Citizenship Council

Audrianna Huang, Renalle Chan

Enviro Council

Dilan Singh, Leo Huang


Fiona Shao, Bobby Zhang

Schoolbox Managers

Emma Jia, Jessie He

Busy Bean CEOs

Bella Tan, Raymond Liu

Scholars Captains

Jax Jiang, Amy Wang, Goldie Moritz