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Our Student Leaders

Pinehurst offers many opportunities for leadership, personal growth and development.

Our Senior Leaders are an important part of the school community, they motivate and encourage their younger peers to be the best they can be, provide a sense of safety, support and unity and as role models, uphold the highest standards at all times.


Introducing the 2022 Pinehurst School Leadership team:


Head Girl:   Head Boy:   Deputy Head Girl:   Deputy Head Boy: 
Lisa Sun   Frank Deng Kate Le Lievre Lockie Burnell


  • Kauri House Captains:       Frankie Benison & Jessica Wang
  • Mataī House Captains:       Mario Ibrahim & Yeonsoo Son
  • Rimu House Captains:        Hannah Thornell & Alana Takle
  • Tōtara House Captains:      Roza Al-Sakini & Alex Goodacre         


  • Arts Council Leader:                   Emily Patterson                    
  • Citizenship Council Leaders:      Maggie Yin and Yuki Tian                    
  • Enviro Council Leader:               Annie Ediker                         
  • Sports Council Leaders:             Brianna Tirado & Henry Fang
  • Student Council Leaders:           Sarah Chung & Beryl Liao            
  • Scholars Captains:                     Jessica Forshaw & Sarah Xiang         
  • Careers Leaders:                        Jessie Wu & Sneha Balia                
  • Student Librarian Leader:          Jodie Williams
  • Café CEO’s:                                Zahra Bhally & Ryan Connolly



  • Frank Deng     Lisa Sun       Kate Le Lievre        Lachlan Burnell

  • Brianna Tirado       Mario Ibrahim        Roza Al-Sakini        Frankie Benison

  • Hannah Thornell         Jodie Williams         Zahra Bhally         Brie Cooper

  • Sarah Xiang         Sarah Chung         Ryan Connolly



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