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Executive Principal's Welcome

Nau mai, haere mai, welcome!​

Pinehurst School is a vibrant, multi-cultural private school, with bright, modern buildings set in 14 acres of green fields, plants and trees on the North Shore of Auckland. We are well-known for the academic achievements of our wonderful students, and we think what makes us really special is the quality of the relationships we enjoy. Our school was created by a group of parents 30 years ago with a clear vision for a values-based education, and we hold to those values in all that we do.

We have around 1000 happy young people at our school, and our priority is always to ensure that they are well cared-for, feel looked after, and know that they are surrounded by people who they can rely on. One of the ways we do this is by building strong relationships within our community. We like our parents to be engaged in their children’s education, and actively encourage the whole family to be involved. We talk a great deal about the Pinehurst Triangle (students, staff and parents), and it’s something that we nurture carefully.

We are a New Zealand school, rooted in our community: to know where you are going, you have to know where you are coming from. Our school is also culturally-rich and gloriously diverse: a multicultural community in bicultural Aotearoa. Our curriculum is largely a British international curriculum - we teach the Cambridge curriculum from Year 1 to Year 13 - and this means that we can combine rigour and outstanding academic expectations and standards with a sense of Kiwi identity. Many of our parents were born overseas; nearly all of our children were born in New Zealand, so we celebrate our diverse identities as individuals, and as part of our community.

Practically all of our students head to university at the end of their time at Pinehurst. Most go to New Zealand universities, but an increasing proportion head overseas to the UK, the US, Australia, Korea and a sprinkling of other countries. Many of our students choose to follow pathways in engineering, medicine, architecture or the fine arts, both in New Zealand and in some of the world’s best universities, but I couldn’t begin to cover the range of choices our young people make. They see the world in front of them and, equipped for the future, they take their own paths. Their academic qualifications are excellent: this means they can take their first steps with confidence. 

Pinehurst has a huge range of sporting opportunities as well. Ours is a holistic education, which means that we expect all of our students to be involved in sport, and around half of our students are also enjoying our music programme. Our golf team - following in the footsteps of alumnus Lydia Ko - is outstanding; our tennis and basketball go from strength-to-strength; and we have some of the best age-group swimmers in the country. We have sports and teams for everyone, and we certainly don’t expect all of our children to be great athletes: I know I’m not! It’s about participating, stretching yourself, and enjoying being part of a team.

Our music programme keeps growing too: we have the youngest orchestra in the annual KBB Festival, and it’s also one of the larger ones. Our Jazz Band is exceptional too, and we have a growing range of chamber and rock groups for everyone to enjoy. We also have a number of students involved in the Young Enterprise Scheme and other commerce competitions; a lively (and quite fierce) UN Youth group, and an ever-changing number of other extension activities. From Year 1 to Year 13, we encourage our students to have a go at just about everything there is to enjoy. 

I’m going to finish where I started. The school values are Respect for Self, Respect for Others, and Excellence. These values shape the experience of Pinehurst students. In the classroom, in the gym, in the rehearsal room or on the field, our students feel a sense of achievement. They enjoy themselves and they express their talents. They are happy young people.

Please feel free to visit: I look forward to seeing you.


Alex Reed

Executive Principal                                                                

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