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Alumni Update: Timon Xian

Tingsen (Timon) Xian

Timon was an International student at Pinehurst and graduated in 2016.

I really enjoyed the small size of Pinehurst, everyone was really nice and close to each other. At uni, people rarely say hi to each other, so I really miss the nice atmosphere at Pinehurst. I would say Pinehurst shaped me to who I am now. I remember when I was first at Pinehurst, I was really shy and barely spoke English. By the time I started uni, I had no trouble joining working groups with other uni students. I really like that Pinehurst runs A levels. I would say A levels provide a really nice foundation for uni, people who did A level in my uni usually get a higher mark.

Timon is currently studying Civil Engineering with a Transport Major at the University of Sydney. His goal is to work in a government transport department like Transport for New South Wales or Auckland Transport. 

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