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For more information on Senior Badminton please see here.

For more information on Year 5-8 Badminton please see here.

College Year 11-13 (boys and girls) begins in the first week of Term 2.
College Year 9-10 (boys and girls) begins in the first week of Term 3.
College Year 7-8 (boys and girls) begins Week 2, Term 3.

Lunchtime Programme available Year 7-8 (boys and girls) Term 2.

Senior College costs for the season will be $155 2019; this includes registration, coaching, shuttlecocks and venue costs.

Junior College costs for the After School League (Term 3) $TBC per player - this includes registration, shuttlecocks and venue costs.

Year 5-8 Lunchtime Programme (Term 2) $40 (7 weeks)

Costs will be charged to your school account.

Senior College Saturday 10am - 12pm

Junior College (Term 3) - Thursday lunchtime 

Year 9-13
Boys A & B Grade - Mondays
Boys C Grade - Tuesdays
Girls A & B Grade - Wednesdays
Girls C Grade – Tuesdays

Year 7-8
Boys - Thursday
Girls – Wednesday 

Badminton Racquet (provided for lunchtime programme only)
Sports shoes, College Sports top, PE shorts 

Badminton North Harbour, Bond Cres, Forrest Hill

Active Badminton Centre, 44-46 Apollo Dr, Mairangi Bay

Kelly Lindsay
Year 1 - 8
414 0960 ext 420

Cyndie Augustin
Year 9-13
414 0960 ext 909