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Application and Fees

At Pinehurst we aim to offer places to children who love learning and who are committed to making the most of their talents. Admissions are highly sought after, and we strongly recommend parents apply for entry well in advance of when they’d like their child to join Pinehurst.

Once completed, please sign and then return the form together with NZ$195.00 fee* to our Admissions Registrar

Admissions Registrar
Pinehurst School 
PO Box 302-308 
North Harbour 
Auckland 0729

or email

*The Application Fee covers the cost of considering the application and is non refundable

Pinehurst School Fees 2018 (inclusive of GST)

Application Fee (non-refundable) - $195.00

Entrance Fee (non-refundable) - $695.00 (includes Alumni membership)


At the time of enrolment a bond must be paid to the Pinehurst School Trust.

A non-interest bearing bond held by the Pinehurst School Trust that is payable on the acceptance of an enrolment. This is repaid when the student leaves provided the appropriate notice period of one term has been given and any monies owing settled.

NZ Residents International
$2,500.00 $2,500.00
 Tuition Fees (per annum)
  NZ Residents International
Year 1 - Year 2     $12,421.00 $23,886.00
Year 3 - Year 6 $13,249.00 $23,886.00
Year 7 - Year 8 $14,865.00 $28,282.00
Year 9 - Year 13 $17,150.00 $31,772.00
Tuition Fee Discounts
  • 2nd child - 5% sibling discount
  • 3rd child - 10% sibling discount
  • 4th child - 15% sibling discount
  • 5th child - 20% sibling discount
  • Loyalty Discount: 5% after six years and 10% after eight years continuous enrolment  (applied in January of the following year)
Capital Contribution Levy

A levy of $650 per year is payable for each student to fund ongoing development of the school.

Stationery, Consumables and Activity fee

Year 1 to Year 13 -  $320.00


Camp fees are charged in the term in which they take place.

Enrolment Process

New Entrants commence school at the start of the term closest to their 5th birthday and are invited for an interview approximately 6 months prior to turning 5. 

Year 1 Application Deadlines:

Term 1 2019 – Applications to be submitted by Friday 29th June 2018 (interviews to take place in T3 2018)

Term 2 2019 – Applications to be submitted by Friday 28th September 2018 (interviews to take place in T4 2018)

Term 3 2019 – Applications to be submitted by Thursday 6th December 2018 (interviews to take place in T1 2019)

Term 4 2019 – Applications to be submitted by Thursday 11th April 2019 (interviews to take place in T2 2019)


Year 2-6 Application

Applications for Year 2-6 are processed as they are received. We are currently operating on a wait-list for this cohort but we encourage applying as spaces may become available in the future. We have some spaces available in Year 3 currently.


Year 7 Application Deadlines:

Term 1 applications need to be submitted by 27th July 2018 and interviews will take place in August 2018.


Year 8-13 Applications

Applications for Year 8-13 are processed as they are received. Candidates will be interviewed alongside entrance testing in English and Maths.


For any queries regarding the applications and enrolments process please contact the Admissions Registrar - call (09) 414 0960 ext 614 or email


Open Day

College - Tuesday 23 October 2018
Primary - Wednesday 24 October 2018

Come see for yourself how we can prepare your child to take their place in a global world.