Pinehurst Family and Friends (PFF)

PFF is a proactive yet informal social link for parents, caregivers and family and friends of Pinehurst who give up their own valuable time to organise a variety of events and support-for-the-school activities. With emphasis on ‘informal', all families are automatically part of PFF with no membership fees required.

Fundraising is not a key role of PFF and attendance to functions and gatherings can be regular or occasional.

PFF gatherings and activities include: 

In addition to helping staff sourcing educational resources, creation and compilation of an informative booklet to help new families with the transition into Kiwi life, PFF manage a babysitting directory of available student sitters.

Socialising and casual networking are fundamentals of PFF and all are welcome to attend PFF events. Dates for meetings which occur throughout the year are regularly advertised in the Pinehurst School Newsletter.

For enquiries and comments, feel invited to contact:

  • Carol Seymour (Chairperson)
  • Biec Vien (New Parent Phoning)
  • Dragana Rancic (Resource Book)
  • Angela Smith (Child minding Directory) 

For further information about PFF or enquiries on how you can join PFF,
please contact the school on 414 0960 or email

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Enrolment & Admissions

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