Your child may be interested in playing Badminton for Pinehurst during Terms 2 & 3.Badminton Information Letter


The badminton league for Senior College Year 11 -13 boys and girls begins in the first week of Term 2. The badminton league for Senior College Year 9- 10 boys and girls begins in the first week of Term 3.
Venues: Badminton North Harbour, Bond Cres, Forrest Hill – South Zone
Active Badminton Centre, 44-46 Apollo Dr, Mairangi Bay – North Zone

Junior College competition is held in Term 3,commencing in Week 3.

Venue: Badminton, North Harbour, Bond Cres, Forrest Hill

Season Dates

Senior College Games
Boys A & B Grade - Mondays
Boys C Grade - Tuesdays
Girls A & B Grade - Wednesdays
Girls C Grade - Tuesdays

Senior College Trainings
Boys and Girls – Saturday 10am – 3pm, and Monday 3.30pm – 5pm- Pinehurst School Gym/Arena

Gear Required: Sports shoes, College Sports tops, PE shorts 

Commitment Required to Belong to Pinehurst Teams

- Players must make team practices and games a priority over the season and organise other commitments around these.
- If a player cannot make a practice through injury/illness or family circumstance then they must ring the coach / manager as soon as possible, not pass messages through other players.

Junior College Games

Boys - Thursday
Girls - Wednesday


Senior College costs for the season will be $70; this includes registration, shuttlecocks and venue costs.

Junior College costs for the Term are $40 per player.

Costs will be charged to your school account.

It is important to note when registrations close, Pinehurst School then commits the players to the event/sport and therefore has to honour these fees. If you were to withdraw your child after the registration closing date and ask for a refund, this would mean other parents are effectively paying for this fee. To be fair on other parents, students and their families, Pinehurst School will under no circumstances, refund deposits or monies paid after the registration closing date.


- It will be the parents / guardians’ responsibility for ensuring their child is transported to and from games. Senior College - last games are scheduled for 6pm. Junior College games are played 4pm - 5.30pm weekly
- Draws will be given to players as soon as they are available. 

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