Primary Students Learn About the Law

Last week, Year 3 students were fortunate to host Senior Constable Thomas and Constable Burgess from New Zealand Police. The visit complemented Year 3 Social Science studies where the students have been studying different communities.

Constable Thomas and Burgess showed the students their uniform, allowing them to try on and handle police equipment including stainless steel handcuffs, police identification badges, extendable batons and stab resistant vests, which they found heavy and hot to wear.

Students learned about the use of pepper spray, laser and taser guns, pistols and rifles and how road spikes are used to puncture tyres and stop vehicles when necessary.

They watched while Constable Thomas lifted fingerprints from a bottle surface and showed plaster casts of foot and tyre prints and were even finger-printed for identification purposes!

Thank you Constable Thomas and Burgess for providing our students an insight into the life of a Police Constable.






























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