Pinehurst Solar Panel Project Impresses North Shore Mayor 

September 2009

Mayor Andrew Williams and local North Shore Councillors stood alongside WWF and Enviroschool representatives this week and thanked Pinehurst for the contribution and effort the school has made to ensure it runs a successful sustainable business.

For Gathered to officially open an Enterprise Business Project, developed by 2007 Head Boy Scott Henderson and funded by WWF New Zealand, Mayor Andrew Williams spoke how Pinehurst, although an increasing roll is reducing its Carbon Footprint, a first for a school in New Zealand and a mean feat for any business.

In 2006, Pinehurst School (also a North Shore City Enviroschool) was awarded more than $12,000, based on a proposal by Head Boy Scott Henderson for the installation of Solar Panels at the School. This was the largest amount of funding ever given by WWF to a school in New Zealand at the time.

The award winning proposal was part of an enterprise assignment which involved applying to conservation organisation WWF asking for support with installing solar panels.

Unique in that the project was a student initiated ‘business’ project focused on sustainable business and serves to save the school thousands over the forthcoming years while continually supporting the school financially and the environment.

The successful project is a great example of the Pinehurst School philosophy where parents, staff and students work together to achieve. Parent of the school Rob Glover, and an electricity industry specialist, worked with the school and David Reid Technology to drive the project forward ensuring Scott’s project was seen through.

Pinehurst Executive Principal Sherida Penman Walters says the Solar Panels project is an excellent example of Pinehurst School's contribution to Enviroschools.

“We have gone beyond planting trees and are exploring the various ways sustainability can benefit the school economically while providing students and our entire community an opportunity to learn about environmental sustainability and its benefits."

The official launch was a great opportunity for Pinehurst School, together with North Shore City Council to showcase Enviroschools success within schools.

Attendees included; Mayor Andrew Williams, WWF representative Victoria Travers, North Shore City Local Council representatives, Lisa Whyte and Margaret Miles, Executive Principal Sherida Penman Walters, Chairman of Board Kingsley Moody, Enviroschools representatives Kate Jackson and Monique Zwaan, Reid Technology, 2007 Head Boy Scott Henderson and family members, teachers, parents and friends of the school who have supported and help develop this enterprise assignment with an environmental twist to become a reality.

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