Many career options are available through the armed services, police and fire service. Under some programmes it is possible to have tertiary studies paid for as part of the terms of employment.  The entry requirements vary depending on what sort of area the student is wanting to join but all have health and fitness expectations which have to be met before a person would be considered a suitable applicant.

Most also undertake their own pre-entry assessments and have a minimum expectation of the student having studied English and Mathematics to Year 12 level.  They do not issue standard CIE requirements so if interested in joining a service area it is important to make contact with recruitment staff and discuss how results would equate with entry requirements.

The Armed Forces offer a number of experiential holiday courses for students which is a good opportunity to find out more about the service and the entry expectations.  Attending one of these courses provides a chance to make valuable contacts with the service personnel who can help with applications.

More information about the armed forces is available at:

Police recruiting sessions are held every Monday evening, 7pm at Greenlane Police Station, 111 Great South Rd, Greenlane, Auckland.  For more information or to book in -

Information about the Fire Service is available at: or can be obtained by contacting 0800 347 373


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