Pinehurst Bus Route 7 - Warkworth/ Orewa

The Warkworth/ Orewa bus route services places beyond Warkworth, Orewa and Silverdale.

AM - Leave Depot 6.45am

Pickup Route: 7.25am Departs Warkworth (Ring Warkworth Taxis for details) Highway 1 to Orewa. 08.00am Orewa Central. Silverdale, Motorway to Pinehurst.
PM - Leave Pinehurst 3.25pm:

Dropoff Route: Reverse of above.

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Warkworth/Orewa Bus Route - Bus Pass Pricing

Bus passes and single ride tickets can be purchased from reception. Bus passes must be offered for inspection every time the student boards the bus. After your first purchase, you will automatically be invoiced for each following term until the pass is returned.

Term pass to Silverdale
Term pass to Warkworth
10 Ride Ticket Silverdale
10 Ride Ticket Warkwth*
$500.00  $650.00 $100.00 $130.00

*Subject to availability. Ten ride tickets are available on the Silverdale & Warkworth runs, but they may only be used if seats are available.

Warkworth Taxis - 027 272 5302


Phone: 414-0960 ext 726


75 Bush Road, Albany, Auckland, New Zealand
09 414 0960

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