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Pinehurst Bus Route 2 - Northcote

The Northcote bus route services the following areas: Birkdale, Birkenhead, Northcote and Glenfield.

AM - Leave Depot 7.00am to Northcote:

Pickup Route: 7.25am Bruce Rd, L Belle Vue Rd, R Richmond Ave, R Stafford Rd, L Queen St, Turn around at The Point, L Onewa Rd, L Hinemoa St, R Rugby St, R Palmerston Rd, R Mariposa Cres, L Hinemoa Ave, Mokoia Rd, L Porritt Ave, L Chelsea View Dr, R Onetaunga Rd, R Balmain Rd, L Waipa St, turn at Verrans Cnr, Waipa St, Mokoia Rd, L Birkenhead Ave, L Wairau Rd, R Coronation Rd, R Lynden, L ylvia, L Stanaway Rd, L Coronation Rd, R Glenfield Rd,R Sunset, R Carribean, L Upper Harbour Dr, R Paul Matthews Dr, R Bush Rd to School at 8.30. Return to Depot 8.45am.

PM - Leave Pinehurst 3.25pm

Dropoff Route: 3.25 pm Bush Rd, L Paul matthews, L Upper Harbour Dr, R Carrribean, r Sunset, R lynden, L Sylvia, R Stanaway Dr, L Albany Highway, Glenfield Rd, R (at lights) Glenfield Rd, L Coronation Rd, turn at Stanaway St, L Glenfield Rd, R Highbury Bypass, L Porritt Ave, L Chelsea View Rd, R Onetaunga Rd, R Balmain Rd, L Waipa St, turn at Verrans Cnr, Waipa St, Mokoia Rd, R Hinemoa St, R Rugby Rd, R Palmerston Rd, R Mariposa Cres, L Hinemoa St, R Birkenhead Ave, R Onewa Rd, R Queen St, turn around at Northcote Point, continue back up Queen St, R Onewa Rd, L Motorway to depot. Return to depot 4.30pm

To view the Northcote Bus Route on Google Earth - Click Here

Note: you must have Google Earth installed on your computer to view this file. Click here to download and install Google Earth

Northcote Bus Service - Bus Pass Pricing

Bus passes and single ride tickets can be purchased from reception. Bus passes must be offered for inspection every time the student boards the bus. After your first purchase, you will automatically be invoiced for each following term until the pass is returned.

Term Pass (10 week)
10 Ride Bus Pass
Single Ride
Replacement Pass
$250.00  $50.00 $5.00 $10.00

Each student requesting a term pass will be issued with a permanent photo pass that will last indefinitely. Bus passes must be offered for inspection every time the student boards the bus. If a pass is lost or left at home, single rides must be bought at reception before the student can travel.  Students who need to catch a bus once (e.g. to go home with a friend) may also purchase a single ride ticket from reception.


If a child hasn’t been collected as expected / or is late home on any bus run, you can contact Ritchies NORTH SHORE directly on 09 415 9138.  Please save this number and keep it in your wallet or by the phone so you can find it if you need it!

Although we work with Ritchies to provide the most reliable service that we can, we cannot guarantee the arrival of the bus. There may be occasions where circumstances beyond our control result in the bus failing to arrive.

As neither Ritchies nor Pinehurst can be held responsible for your child before they board the bus, all parents are advised to work out a contingency plan to cover this eventuality. Having said that, Ritchies make a practice of sending a replacement bus, however this could in some cases take more than an hour to reach passengers.


Phone: 414-0960 ext 750


75 Bush Road, Albany, Auckland, New Zealand
09 414 0960

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