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Collection points along our routes are dependent on traffic, so it is difficult to give specific timings.

Many parents meet our Bus Coordinator at 3:15pm on their children's first bus day. This allows them the opportunity to meet and talk with the driver and follow the bus home so they can become familiar with the bus route their child will be taking. This also allows the parent to get a better understanding for timings and exact drop-off and collection points and also ensures the driver will be able to recognise your child.

Pinehurst School completes regular bus audits. Audits ensure that each student travelling on a Pinehurst School chartered bus service has the correct bus pass or prepaid ticket, equivalent to requirements when travelling on public transport where customers are expected to carry a valid pass at all times.

In the case of misplaced bus passes or tickets, the student will be requested to immediately arrange temporary documentation before boarding the bus. This can be organised at the administration office and ensures the student plays an active role in this process, taking responsibility for their travel.

Pinehurst School appreciate that parents and caregivers ensure their children are equipped with the appropriate documentation if utilising our bus transport system. Buses will not depart until everyone travelling has a valid pass or ticket.

For our current BUS INFORMATION SHEET - please click here

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