Pinehurst Primary Years 1 – 6

Pinehurst Primary has an incredibly warm and nurturing environment giving children the very best start to their school life. Led by Headmistress, Sian Coxon, Pinehurst Primary works within two year level bands to best meet the needs of our students’ development - the Junior Primary and Senior Primary.

We endeavour to provide the very best learning environment possible to ensure students experience a safe, secure and positive start to school life. Our academic focus is on the development and consolidation of basic skills in numeracy and literacy that create a solid foundation on which to build.

Strengths and needs of every student are identified and programmes developed accordingly. Within our supportive environment individual talents, abilities and interests develop through curiosity, creativity, play and exploring and interacting with teachers, parents and peers.

Our highly qualified and dedicated teachers are involved in ongoing professional development in areas of current educational theory and classrooms reflect the integration of Habits of Mind, Inquiry Learning and thinking strategies.

We enjoy a high level of parental support and involvement both within the classrooms and at home. Strong, positive working relationships between home and school are established and continue to develop during schooling at Pinehurst. Our parent/teacher/student conferences, held each term throughout the year, ensure we are all working towards common learning goals.

Junior Primary caters for New Entrants to Year 3, ages 5-7 and consists of six classes of 25 students, with an additional class starting in Term three each year.

New Entrant intakes occur at the beginning of each term and new students attend two orientation visits before they start. For at least the first two terms of school the teacher/student ratio is 1:20.

There are eight very experienced teachers working in the Junior Primary, all of whom are passionate about working with young children, are highly skilled and have many special talents. We also have two teacher aides who work alongside both teachers and students, supporting classroom programmes. In addition to this staffing, individual students also work with specialist teachers for learning support (CWSN), gifted and talented education (CWEA), thinking skills, information technology and languages for Year Three students.

Senior Primary caters for students Years 4 - 6, ages 8 - 11. We believe students need to be nurtured and encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning and behaviour. With this, students develop self confidence and self esteem, by understanding their own strengths and needs.

Students need to be taught processes that will help them develop this personal responsibility. Specific teaching strategies are integrated with all curriculum areas to support independence in both learning and behaviour and help our students attain their personal goals. We are proud to be the first school in New Zealand allowed to teach the Cambridge Primary Curriculum, with its strong emphasis on the core subjects of English, Mathematics and Science.

We firmly encourage the triangle of parents, teachers and students working in partnership to foster the child’s learning. Open communication is a key, an aspect we value greatly with our community.
The Senior Primary School has 6 classrooms covering Years 4, 5 and 6. Each year has two parallel classes with a maximum of 25 students in each class.

Primary Special Programmes

At Pinehurst we recognise that every student has individual needs and we endeavour to meet those needs through our classroom and Special Programmes.

CWSN (Children with Special Needs)

We have many specialist programmes run by qualified teachers. A daily literacy support programme is also offered in the Primary. We provide one to one and group support for students who need help in Maths and English as well as study skills and work habits.

CWEA (Children with Exceptional Abilities)

We recognise the needs of our gifted and talented students through a variety of exciting programmes run by specialist teachers. We offer Future Problem Solvers, Autonomous Learner Programmes, Lego Dacta, Literature Study, Young Writer's as well as extension and acceleration in Maths and English. There are opportunities throughout the school for multi-levelling in many areas of the curriculum including Sports.

PrEP - The Primary Enterprise Programme

It has been predicted that citizens of the future will change careers (not just jobs) five or six times in their lifetime. With this is mind we run PrEP where students can learn about resources and economic education through running their own business and trading in their own currency called Pines (1 Pine = NZ$1). We are the lead PrEP school on the North Shore and have provided professional development for teachers from across New Zealand.

Thinking Skills

At Pinehurst we recognise that we all learn in different ways. In our quest to foster life-long learning, we employ a variety of teaching strategies in the form of Thinking Skills. These include;

Art Costa's Habits of Mind

Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences,

De Bono's Six Thinking Hats

The Pinehurst Inquiry Learning Programme and a variety of creative, critical and caring thinking strategies.

Enrolment & Admissions

Enrolment & Admissions

Pinehurst aims to offer places to children who love learning and who are committed to making the most of... Learn More


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