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Pinehurst College Years 7- 13

College - Years 7 - 8

Pinehurst College Years 7-8 builds on the foundation of education established in the Pinehurst Primary School through a programme designed to meet the needs of emerging adolescents, best preparing them for years 9 -13

Supported by Assistant Headmaster of Junior College, Joe Johansen, who leads a very experienced team of teachers who are passionate about working with this exciting and challenging age group.

Multiple Intelligences

Habits of Mind

De Bono

are all thinking strategies assist in scaffolding a strong Cambridge Curriculum.  Years 7-8 provides continual assessment practice to prepare students for the Cambridge University Checkpoint Examinations which they sit in Year 9; an excellent tool in preparing our students for IGCSE examinations in Year 10 and 11. Students are taught within homerooms with a maximum of twenty five pupils in each class. All subjects are taught by specialists ensuring students receive passionate, dedicated instruction. For practical subjects such as Design & Technology and Art, students are taught in smaller class groups which enables them to produce outstanding work. Students are expected to strive for excellence in all areas. High expectations are expected of both work standards and behaviour. Teachers support the students whilst challenging them to reach their individual potential in all areas through the development and reflection of SMART goals. (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time sensitive).

There are more than twenty sports which students can participate in as well as numerous cultural activities such as choir, flute ensembles, bands and dance groups. Sports academies, with professional coaches, support our top tier sports such as netball, soccer, golf, basketball, tennis and hockey.

Four Houses (Kauri, Rimu, Totara and Matai) assist in developing healthy, competitive spirit as students compete in lunchtime sporting events along with inter-house sporting competitions

The Pinehurst triangle philosophy ensures that parents play an active role in their child’s education in Years 7-8 as they progress through adolescence. Staff provide exceptional pastoral support along with the very best education possible in a well-resourced environment.

Years 7 - 8 Special Programmes

At Pinehurst we recognise that every student has individual needs and we endeavour to meet those needs through our classroom and Special Programmes

Learner Support
Mrs Kaye Burnett manages our Learning Support at Pinehurst, providing literacy and numeracy support for students. Teachers are made aware of the special needs of our students and take steps to make these students feel safe and cared for. Students with special needs can ask for extra time or the help of readers/writers during examinations (organised through Kaye
CWEA (Children with Exceptional Abilities)

We recognise the needs of our students who demonstrate academic flair in key subjects. Through a variety of exciting programmes run by specialist teachers, they can receive additional work that helps to extend their learning. 

PrEP The Primary Enterprise Programme

Junior College students continue with the Primary programme, where they learn about resources and economic education through running their own business and trading in their own currency called Pines (1 Pine = NZ$1). We are the lead PrEP school on the North Shore and have provided professional development for teachers from across New Zealand. In the College, students have the opportunity to take part in the Young Enterprise Scheme www.youngenterprise.co.nz, NZIM Certificate of Management, www.nzim.co.nz and the Financial Literacy Programme, www.enzt.co.nz

Thinking Skills

At Pinehurst we recognise that we all learn in different ways. In our quest to foster life-long learning we employ a variety of teaching strategies in the form of Thinking Skills. These include Art Costa's Habits of Mind, Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences, De Bono's Six Thinking Hats, The Pinehurst Inquiry Learning Programme, Thinking Maps and a variety of creative, critical and caring thinking strategies.

Guidance and Counselling

We have an on-site counsellor, Kate Casey who looks after the well-being of all Pinehurst students.

College  - Years 9 – 13


Pinehurst  Years 9 -13 continues to build on the sequential and integrated programmes of study established and fostered in years 7-8 and Primary. A differentiated learning approach is taken to ensure that students are working at levels which are challenging, yet within reach. Pinehurst offers the Cambridge International Examinations of IGCSE and A Level to all students. (View the Cambridge Curriculum page for more information). At Pinehurst we do not offer NCEA.

The pastoral care system is through POD’s (Progressive Ongoing Development) for Year 9 to 13. The POD’s are vertical groupings of 20 students from Year 9 to 13 who have a POD Leader who works with the students and parents to ensure that the student has the support and supervision to set and achieve all academic and social goals. The Years 9 -13 discipline system is firm but fair and all students are required to agree to the Pinehurst Code of Conduct. This is to ensure that all students receive the best possible education in an optimal learning environment. Relationships with the school families and community are developed and built on as students are prepared for life beyond school.

The co-curricular activities offered in years 9-13 include sport and cultural activities together with a series of education opportunities outside the classroom. The five first tier sports – Soccer, Netball, Basketball, Hockey and Tennis are all available to students with several teams available in each of these sports. Currently we also offer several second tier sports such as Lacrosse, Table Tennis, Orienteering, Touch Rugby, Golf, Dragon Boating and many others.

Each year we have an Arts Festival at the end of Term Two which celebrates the Arts with a series of workshops and activities. International Week is also a highlight of the year when culture and diversity are celebrated through a series of performances, workshops and a food festival. Students have the opportunity to participate in drama in the form of plays, musicals and the Subway Stage Challenge. Further opportunities are available for students to participate and excel in the Orchestra, Choir, Harmony Club, Jazz Band, Rock Band, Speech Competitions and Debating.

The Duke of Edinburgh Award is available to students at Bronze, Silver and Gold levels. All Year 10 students participate in the Bronze Award practice expedition, moving through to Bronze and Silver in Years 11 and 12. Students finish the education outside the classroom programme with a skiing/snowboarding trip in Year 13.

Years 9 -13 Special Programmes

Academic Support

Teachers are happy to arrange individual tutorials with students in need of extra help. These can be arranged with the teacher directly or via their POD Leader.

Students with special needs

Students with special needs are in the care of Ms Eleanor Morfett, who runs our Learner Support centre in the College. Teachers are made aware of the special needs of these students and take steps to make these students feel safe and cared for. Students with special needs can ask for extra time or the help of readers/writers during examinations (organised through Ms Morfett).


The Careers Office, managed by Careers Advisor Kaye Griffiths, kaye.griffiths@pinehurst.school.nz  located in the Village, between rooms C23 and C15.

Assistance is available with all aspects of career development for students along with the provision of information on career pathways, courses, scholarships and practical employment skills such as CV preparation and interview techniques.

Guidance and counselling

We have an on-site counsellor Kate Casey who looks after the well-being of our students.


There are many areas of enrichment in years 9 -13. Examples are NSW competitions, Australian Mathematics Competition, NBNZ Junior Mathematics Competition, YES, FLP and DOE. Students also enter competitions as they arise in all curriculum areas.

Enrolment & Admissions

Enrolment & Admissions

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