Cambridge International Examinations FAQ's

Aren’t Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) just the same as used in British Schools?

No, the CIE curriculum is not the system used by British Schools. CIE is internationally designed for the global student.

Do you offer NCEA as well as CIE to your students?

No. Pinehurst chooses to focus on one examination system - CIE.

Why did you choose CIE?

Pinehurst searched for an internationally accredited qualification that would offer our students the widest and most flexible choice possible when continuing with their higher education, and which was internationally recognised by top universities world-wide.

I read recently that many schools offering CIE had limited subject offerings. Is this the same at Pinehurst?

No. Pinehurst, unlike many other schools does not run a dual system (i.e. offering NCEA and an alternative international pathway), therefore all our resources are placed into providing one impressive curriculum. At Pinehurst we are not restricted to just a few subjects. We offer 22 subjects at IGCSE level and our students take up to 10 of these. There are 23 subjects offered at A levels and our students study up to 5 different subjects. This gives our students great flexibility in designing their course to suit their career aspirations and maintain pathways for the future.

Would Pinehurst ever move away from CIE to offering the National Curriculum?

No. CIE gives our students a unique opportunity to be measured against their age cohort world-wide and of course for Pinehurst’s results to be measured against other leading schools across the world. CIE allows Pinehurst students to fully understand their achievement levels and what they need to do to progress to a higher level. A number of New Zealand schools run a double system, adopting CIE or IB to extend and enrich their top students and giving the impression that CIE is only for top academics. However, at Pinehurst, we are one of the few schools where all students follow the same curriculum, regardless of their academic ability and the results speak for themselves; our students at all levels are very successful, topping the world in a wide range of subjects from the Sciences and Information Technology through to the arts and physical education.

I hear rumours that CIE is too hard. Is this true?

No. Not at all! Our students are able to follow the same curriculum and succeed. A number of New Zealand schools run a double system, adopting CIE or IB to extend and enrich their top students and giving the impression that CIE is only for top academics. Our results speak for themselves with our recent ‘A’ Level students achieving a 100% pass rate. At Pinehurst we are very experienced at delivering CIE courses to a broad range of students. The nature of our school allows each students to maximise their potential and gain university entrance in New Zealand and around the world.

If Pinehurst student sit the same Examinations as other students worldwide, how do Pinehurst students compare?

Pinehurst students compete extremely well on the international stage. In recent years, we are proud to have achieved Top in the World and in New Zealand in a wide range of CIE subjects students including Design & Technology, Information Technology, Geography, Art & Design, Spanish, Physical Education and Environmental Management.


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