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Scholarships at Pinehurst

2017 Applications are CLOSED. We are now accepting 2018 Scholarship Applications until Friday 1 September 2017.
Pinehurst School is an internationally recognised independent coeducational school with an enviable reputation for high academic achievement in Cambridge International Examinations and for providing an extensive array of opportunities in sporting, cultural and service activities.


In giving back to the community, Pinehurst School is committed to student achievement and welcomes Scholarship applications. Scholarships are awarded to motivated students who display all round academic ability, leadership potential and achievement in cultural, sporting, and community activities.

Each year, scholarships are made available for motivated students who display all around academic ability, leadership potential and achievement in cultural, sporting, and community activities and whose families are in a financial position that would normally preclude them for enrolment at Pinehurst School.

Pinehurst School offers four categories of scholarships, three of which are internal, the other is the Aspire Scholarship which is an external Government initiative.

Pinehurst School Excel Scholarships - Category 1

These scholarships are for full and/or half tuition fees only (camps, stationery, uniform, examination fees, buses are additional). Applicants apply using the application forms provided on our website. These scholarships are designed to assist academically able students, with a proven successful record in the Arts or Sports, to attend our School. These can be awarded at any level from Year 7-13 provided there are places available. The financial qualification criteria is outlined below and requires you to complete a statutory declaration in support of your application.


The applicant of this Category 1 Scholarship must meet and agree to the following financial criteria and conditions or the Scholarship will be terminated:


-Primary caregiver(s) have a joint annual gross income of $75,000 or less

-Primary caregiver(s) have a combined net worth of $300,000 or less

-The applicant or their primary caregiver(s), are not beneficiaries of any trusts (exceptions may be made on a case by case basis)

-The applicant must be a New Zealand Citizen or permanent resident of New Zealand.

-Applicant must inform the School immediately should any of the above circumstances above change.

-The applicant agrees that Scholarships are to remain confidential

Pinehurst School Excel Scholarships - Category 2

From time to time, families at Pinehurst School may undergo financial hardships due to illness or a change in family circumstances. In such a case, a family may apply in writing to the Executive Principal. In consultation with the Chairman of the Board, a decision will be made as to whether the School is able to apply to Pinehurst School Trust which may be able to provide short term assistance. 

Lydia Ko Scholarship

This one year scholarship is awarded at the end of Year 12 to a student entering Year 13 the following year who excels in academic, sporting, and/or cultural endeavours. The scholarship covers full tuition fees and may be awarded to an internal or external student. The scholarship is publicly acknowledged and officially announced at the end of Term 4 at Senior College Academic prize giving.

Aspire Scholarships

These are government funded scholarships that are applied for well in advance for a Year 9 entry. Successful applicants are given a lump sum to cover fees and additional funding to cover some expenses from Year 9-13. Applicants need to apply in advance and must complete a statutory declaration to meet The Ministry of Education criteria. The Ministry of Education approves Aspire applicants based on their criteria. Successful applicants can then apply to an independent school of their choice. In order to be accepted, applicants will then need to go through the full application and interview process to meet the criteria set by that specific independent school. To find out further information about Aspire Scholarships and how to apply please visit the Ministry of Education official website - simply CLICK HERE.


For full information about Pinehurst School Scholarships please click hereTo apply for a scholarship you will need to complete the following forms and submit these to the School.

 Pinehurst Scholarship Application Form

 Statutory Declaration as to Income

 Pinehurst Enrolment Application Form

For further information please feel free to contact our Registrar of Admissions, Marg Cross on 09 414 0960 extension 614 or email

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