Pinehurst staff continually receive positive feedback from parents, professional colleagues, students (past and present) and members of the wider community who find the behaviour and achievements of our students exemplary.

It’s the simple things that have impressed us about Pinehurst: small classes, approachable teachers and systems that work. What started out as an intended two year stay for the intermediate schooling has ended up six years later with all 3 children at Pinehurst. We literally found that we couldn’t afford to not to have the children at Pinehurst, so valuable was the step up in education. We heartily recommend Pinehurst to any parent that wants their children to be the best they can be!

A. Clark, Senior College parent

I walked away from the Pinehurst 'Open Day' and instantly knew it was the right place for my daughters. I'd looked at other schools, but in the end it was such a simple decision. Pinehurst just felt right. The Primary is nurturing while the children are young yet thoroughly prepares them as capable, independent students by the time they reach Junior College. The teachers are outstanding and the extra opportunities like languages and a GATE programme is fantastic. As a parent, I couldn't be happier, but more importantly, neither could my girls.

J. Thomas, Pinehurst parent

Our first experience at Pinehurst was to be met by a very friendly and bubbly face. Having just arrived from the UK, this was exactly what we needed. When asking about the school, the lovely lady told us to have a chat with some current parents, which we did! Within 30 minutes our decision was made. This was the school for us! Now eight years on with three children at Pinehurst we could not be happier. My son’s transition into Senior College went extremely smoothly, and with the bonus of the continued Cambridge Curriculum. If we had to choose our school again, we would most definitely choose Pinehurst. Thank you Pinehurst for nurturing, caring and being devoted to our children and all the wonderful friends we have made along the way.

P. van Wijk, Senior College parent

We chose Pinehurst School for a number of reasons.  Initially, we were looking for a school that offered something other than NCEA. We have an older son who had gone through the State system with NCEA and had basically slipped through the cracks. No-one was prepared to take any notice or help in any way. We also felt NCEA was a system geared to the lowest common denominator and didn’t really give a measure of excellence. From there, Pinehurst was chosen because we were impressed with the School’s philosophy ‘proud of who we are, what we know and what we can achieve’. Since joining the school, we have found the existence of the ‘Pinehurst Triangle’ to be the basis of our children’s positive experience with schooling. The emphasis on the responsibilities of the school, the parents and the child all working together should be applicable to all schooling environments. Coupled with the excellent standard of staff and the positive association of like peers, our children love school and are achieving the results that we expect.

A. Connors, Pinehurst Primary parent

"We have 4 children at Pinehurst . All three children are very different and I have been especially impressed with how great Pinehurst teachers have been at recognising the individual strengths, weakness and needs of each child. The teachers keep me well informed as to what is happening at school and are always open and willing to discuss any concerns or queries I may have. Thank you to all staff for providing a fabulous school for our kids! "

K. Scott

"Pinehurst School provides our boys with a realistic opportunity to be the very best they can be. This is very important to us. The teachers and support staff are genuinely friendly, focused, realistic and accountable! Our boys are not only getting a better education, but a more personal experience than they would be getting elsewhere."

S. & V. Barton

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Enrolment & Admissions

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