Kelly Clark

Position Title:

Senior Primary teacher

How did you first get involved in teaching, what attracted you to this profession?

A natural inclination to ‘teach’ inspired by a family friend who was a teacher.

Describe what it means to you to be a teacher?

Begin children on a life-long journey of learning.

What attracted you to Pinehurst?

I applied for a position whilst I was in England. I didn’t know the school, but it sounded new and different to the other North Shore schools.

What do you enjoy most about working/teaching at Pinehurst School?

Supportive family environment

What would you say are some of your strongest beliefs about education?

Learning happens through your mistakes.

Explain why you like teaching the Cambridge Curriculum?

Content is clear and well structured.

Where did you train and what qualifications do you hold? 

Since 1994, with a 5 year break to have children.

Has teaching always been your profession?


What are you passionate about personally? What do you really enjoy?

Busy mother of 3 girls who all attend Pinehurst. 

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Enrolment & Admissions

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